Rainbow Pearls Tahitian colored Pearls are magnificent examples of some of nature's finest work.

These luminous pearls originate in the oysters that live deep in the warm, tropical blue waters that surround the exotic islands of French Polynesia and particularly from Gambiers. They range in color from an inky blue-black color to a more mellow shade of green, pink and aubergine, with every variation in between. Each pearl is a unique specimen from the ocean's depths, making it an iridescent piece of art.  Because these gems offer such variations in natural colors, what is shown in each photo is just one example of an extensive range of Tahitian Black Pearl colors available.

Although Tahitian Black Pearls are truly beautiful on their own, making stunning pearl pendants and rings, or elegant necklaces when strung together, they also pair wonderfully with other stones such as diamonds, or when framed by various colored precious metals. Each makes a unique and memorable piece of jewelry that will accent outfits both fancy and casual.

Like their more traditional white pearl cousins, Tahitian Black Pearls come in a variety of sizes. Although it can be challenging to find high quality pearls in larger sizes, Rainbow Pearls Jewelry offers  a number of luxurious necklaces, bracelets, rings and pendants that have been set with high quality pearls of all sizes. Look for distinctive styles that feature a single semi-round Tahitian Black Pearl that is as large as 11-12mm, or even 13mm in diameter. Further accented by faceted round or baguette diamonds, these unique pieces of jewelry are fast becoming the new heirloom jewelry favorites.

Tahitian Black Pearls are now often the favorite centerpiece on engagement rings for modern couples. Set in your choice of 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold or 14K rose gold, these rings range from traditional designs to sleek and modern, even fun and chunky.  Faceted diamonds of all shapes add sparkle which draws attention to the unique iridescent sheen that the French Polynesian Black Pearls display, day and night.

No matter where you plan to wear your Pearl jewelry, their beauty will accent your own. Whether looking for a Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace, Ring, Earrings or Pendant, Rainbow Pearls has the Gambier's multicolors Pearl selection that is sure to fit your style and price point.

Rainbow Pearls offers a huge selection of Tahitian Pearl Jewelry which makes a great gift or adds a unique style to your wardrobe.

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